BIPOC Photo Mentorship Program

Welcome to the BIPOC Photo Mentorship Program! 

*New list as of October 2023 below!

BPM is a list of active mentorship opportunities that are available to emerging BIPOC photographers in all areas of the industry. In the list below you will find many different kinds of offerings – find one that fits your needs, then reach out to the mentor.  

Note that the list is organized by availability - the mentorships that have already been filled are at the bottom. Otherwise, they are listed alphabetically by first name. Make sure you read to the bottom of each mentor's listing to find their specific application instructions. The list is searchable by areas of practice, mentorship offerings, and by keywords. Use the "Filter" and "Sort" buttons below.

Note: we do not vet these mentors so it’s imperative that you do your research and that you are comfortable with the arrangement before you accept a mentorship position. If you do accept a position, make sure you are able to commit - it's important that you ask any questions necessary to determine the scope of that commitment. Please pursue no more than three mentorship positions at any given time. If you secure a mentorship, we ask that you disclose this to any other mentors you have approached, just in case they would rather take on someone who doesn’t already have a confirmed mentorship.  Other than that, it’s up to you and the mentor to find a fit that’s right for you! If you have questions, email us at:

Also, make sure you're registered with us so that we can share our future plans with you!

And keep checking back - we will be adding new mentors as we go. Share with your networks to keep the BPM excitement alive and to help grow the program.